1) центр
а) центральная точка; средняя точка; середина
б) центр геометрической фигуры
в) вчт центр группы
г) особая точка на фазовой плоскости
д) источник (воз)действия, силы или эффекта
е) элемент симметрии
ж) фтт ядро (напр. дислокации); сердцевина
з) центральное учреждение; главное учреждение; центральный офис
и) тлф вчт узел; узловая станция
к) приспособление для крепления обрабатываемых деталей
2) центрировать(ся); располагать(ся) в центре; находиться в центре
3) определять центр; помечать центр
- center of circle
- center of corrosion
- center of force
- center of gravity
- center of curvature
- center of inertia
- center of inversion
- center of luminescence
- center of mass
- center of phosphorescence
- center of pressure
- center of quenching
- center of similitude
- center of symmetry
- center of twist
- acceptor center
- acceptor impurity center
- active center
- adjustment training center
- administrative center
- air communication center
- air traffic control center
- area communication center
- array phase center
- automatic switch center
- autoswitching center
- band center
- broadcast center
- broadcasting center
- call center
- charge center
- circuit switching center
- color center
- communication center
- computer center
- control center
- crisis center
- data center
- data processing center
- dead center
- deep space communication center
- deflection center
- dislocation center
- distribution center
- donor center
- donor impurity center
- effective acoustic center
- electrical center
- electron-trapping center
- F-center
- face center
- filter center
- flexural center
- flight information center
- geometrical center - halaxy center
- hole-trapping center
- impurity center
- information center
- information processing center
- instantaneous rotation center
- ion-exchange center
- junction center
- leading center
- location center
- long-distance switching center
- magnetic reversal center
- message center
- message switching center
- mission control center
- mobile services switching center
- mode center
- multiple-energy level impurity center
- nerve center
- network information center
- network production center
- network production television center
- nonbleaching F-center
- nonradiative-recombination center
- nucleating center
- nucleation center
- operation center
- phase center
- photosensitivity center
- preparation center
- production center
- production television center
- program production center
- program production television center
- quenching center
- radiation-induced trapping center
- radiative-recombination center
- rate center
- ray center
- recombination center
- reference center
- regional program production center
- regional program production television center
- relay center
- rotation center
- sample center
- satellite data transmission center
- scattering center
- self-activated center
- service center
- single-energy level impurity center
- software support center
- step source center
- supporting communication center
- surface-trap center
- surface-trapping center
- switching center
- switching control center
- technical assistance center
- telecommunication center
- television center
- television operating center
- toll center
- tracking center
- transmission center
- trap center
- trapping center
- vision center
- visual center
- zone center

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